Saturday, March 12, 2022

William & Mary Basketball

I follow sports less every year, even though it is a great topic of conversation with sons in general, and one in particular. This year I checked in on William & Mary basketball about once a month, as I usually do.  In many years over the last two decades they have had a creditable team that just might do well in the Colonial Athletic Association to have a shot at an upset and finally get into the NCAA tournament.  They are one of those few Division I teams that have never made the tournament lo these many years. It usually gets a mention every March which five are left. They have been quite close a few times.

It did not look encouraging at any time I checked in this year. And when late in the season they, the second-to-last-place team in the quite minor CAA, lost to the last-place team 62-28, I knew getting lucky in the tournament was not going to be in the cards either.  They were out in the first round.

I did have one ace in the hole - which turned out to be more like a jack in the hole - that their best player last year had transferred as a graduate student (law school) to University of Minnesota, which does go to the NCAA tournament sometimes. But Luke Loewe had what may have been his worst game of the season in the first round of the tournament, the last game of his career, and the Golden Gophers were out as well. 

Next year does not look encouraging either. When I check in on the Tribe (who might be the Gryphons by next year) in December I am not expecting much.

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