Sunday, March 27, 2022

State Covid Deaths Vs Excess Mortality

Because she posts so infrequently, her contributions every month or two slip down on the sidebar quickly.  But statistician Bsking at Graph Paper Diaries has an update on the topic. She takes local information and shows how it applies in a larger context.

It’s amazing to think that in the top states one out of every 200 people who was alive at the beginning of the pandemic is now an excess death. As always, that’s in addition to those expected to die anyway.

West Virginia and South Carolina were not doing well, but suddenly did much worse recently. The numbers creep down nationwide, with a few pockets looking worse, some other s still a problem, but most places in the US better. 

I really wanted to believe Dr. John Campbell (UK) when he said a month ago that the pandemic would "end" 2/24/22. I knew he meant it was the point at which everything finally went down for good, not the spot where all death stopped, but I still hoped to see a bright line in the data.  Guess not.


Anonymous said...

And you passed a million dead. At about 3000 DPM.

Linda Fox said...

Wouldn't be surprised about WV and SC - I have people in both states. The general health of both is poor; addiction and diabetes are high, the Black population also has heart issues and high blood pressure.
And, obesity - not just 'a few pounds too much', but extreme overweight - is rampant.
So, the number of people with co-morbidities is large, the general health is poor, and, access to competent, nearby doctors is often missing.