Thursday, March 10, 2022

Fill 'er Up! Part II

I wrote Fill 'er Up! on Monday. Has Joe Biden really proved me right this quickly? Without even any intermediaries?

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Donna B. said...

Credit card companies have long restricted fuel purchases to $100 at auto pumps. People with RVs often run up against this limit even at truck stops. Now, people with full size SUVs and pickup trucks are easily hitting that limit. I won't (yet) because my minivan has an 18-gallon tank. It gets an average of 18 miles to the gallon. However, an SUV which gets similar MPG has a much larger tank. For a family vehicle, that means fueling more often.

Today, I agreed to a landscape contract which allows a fuel surcharge based on an average monthly cost of fuel. Due to weather, this work isn't happening for 3 to 4 weeks. I felt sorry for the contractor, because he was obviously troubled that he couldn't give me firm prices that far out.

Anything that is delivered by truck to your community is going to increase in price unless gas/diesel prices miraculously decline. Adjust your budgets accordingly.