Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Granite State Matters

The group Granite State Matters sent out a postcard to voters.  It was dishonest and deeply offensive. I am not a particular fan of the Free Staters, or porcupines, but I do know that they are not, for example, generally in favor of seceding from the union. The claim that 150 legislators (out of 424 - yeah that's that NH  huge legislature thing) vote with the Free Staters is ludicrous. They are not anarchists, they are not Sovereign Citizens, they are only one species of libertarian.

As expected, when I went to their website, there was no way to express an opinion to them, only be subjected to their viewpoints or just leave. While one might imagine a centrist group that got all het up about Free Staters and resolved to take them down without particular reference to Republicans or conservatives or libertarians in general, or supporting some but not all liberal causes, this group's positions are uniformly liberal, and framed in the inflammatory language that I have found so unhelpful from the right these days.

So I do what I can.  I am telling those of you from NH what I think about this group.

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