Tuesday, March 15, 2022

The Rod Stewart-Baby Shark Connection

I was just thinking of Stewart yesterday when this news story popped up, of that decent old chap doing temp road repair near his estate because it seems no one else will.

I was thinking of him because you can sing "Baby Shark" to this tune.  There, I've ruined your whole day now.

The lyrics can be easily understood as religious, and the tune is also very similar to the 70s praise chorus "Alleluia." There, I just gave you the song back again.

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james said...

Thanks to the distribution of ages in our family, Baby Shark has not been on my radar.
I hadn't heard this song in so long I'd forgotten it. The video was a trifle disconcerting--you can hear that it was recorded in a studio, not on the water. If you remember the scene in Titanic when they're in the water--you can hear that they're filming in a swimming pool and not in the open. (Plus it was unnaturally calm water...)