Wednesday, March 23, 2022

The Tim Tebow Effect Again

You can look at earlier discussions of the phenomenon here, or here, or frankly, there are so many in the last ten years that you could just put "Tebow" in my search bar if you are that interested.  Which I can't imagine you being. Essentially it is the situation in which both sides of a discussion are certain that no one is listening to them, and so get louder and angrier. It comes from a Chuck Klosterman quote that "both groups perceive themselves as the oppressed minority who are fighting against dominant public opinion."

We are told that the whole country is increasingly this way, and even that the church is becoming that way, with everyone sure that they have the important things that the church should be focusing on, but Everyone Else in the church isn't getting it. Sometimes I stand back and wonder if this is true at all. Could it not be that 80% of the church is not that concerned about the divisive arguments of the day - and even for good reasons? They might have opinions about these matters, but not consider them the focus of their day?

Here's an interesting twist:  Is it different among the people with and without children, or even perhaps married vs unmarried?

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