Saturday, March 12, 2022

Basketball Addition

I know even less than usual about the NCAA tournament going into this year.  But last year I used the Georgia Tech math department's Bayesian logic site to fill out my bracket, and finished in the 90th percentile.  If I had switched only the final game, I would have hit 99th percentile.  And I know nothing.  So I will do something like that this year. 

We recently had family discussions about Wordle and its offshoots, which reinforced to me that I care much more about the statistical patterns and the strategy questions than the actual games.  So too here. Filling out a bracket based on the math gives one a framework to have a rooting interest in the tournament and a launch point for discussions at work for the yearly office pool. You can pick up info about team strengths and weaknesses quickly if you have any framework at all to start with.

Tech's math nerds have Gonzaga-Arizona 1-2, so I'm starting there, and waiting for the brackets. Should be fun.

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