Saturday, March 05, 2022


I don't believe I know enough to even have an opinion on what went wrong and what is going to happen.

So here is someone else's opinion in the Wall Street Journal.  Robert Service I have admired before, so that helps me to find this persuasive.

The historian describes the Russian ruler as “not a communist but an anticommunist.” In Mr. Service’s telling, Mr. Putin regards the Soviet period as “a rupture” with the path to greatness that Russia should have taken. “Putin believes in Eternal Russia” and regards Lenin with “ridicule and detestation” for stunting Russia’s expansion. While Mr. Putin may say “occasionally pleasant things about Stalin, he has never said anything positive about Lenin.”

And later,

 Mr. Putin “sees himself messianically,” Mr. Service says—as a leader come to deliver Russia to its destiny. He runs his government like “a court, though the czars were much more polite to their ministers.” Unless they go into political opposition, he doesn’t get rid of people who don’t share his vision. Instead, he “bats them down, and overawes them, treating them like schoolboys.” He “peppers them with questions” to keep them on their toes. He was a senior officer in the KGB, and the KGB is still in his soul. Rebranded as the FSB, “it’s the one agency from the old Soviet Union that has survived.”

As I said, I wouldn't know.  It sounds plausible.


Donna B. said...

“sees himself messianically,”

Now that's scary!

Assistant Village Idiot said...

The longer dictators stay in power the more likely that is.

Anonymous said...

If you accept the fact that the CIA controls Ukraine, it makes sense. If not then its the act of a mad man.

Putin is very rational indeed.