Friday, March 04, 2022

Covid Quick-Hitter

I kept muttering all month "Well, February isn't over..." in response to the predictions that January 31 would mark the end of the worst, and it would be all decline in cases after that.

February is over and there are still high numbers of new cases and deaths.  However, the numbers are down some, and this has had the very beneficial effect of ICUs and ERs no longer being at capacity or worse. We still have plenty, but are not overfull. Maybe next week will be better? Nearly everyone is acting like it's over, largely from fatigue.

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Donna B. said...

I'm mostly acting like it's over, unless it's in my best interest to not do so. I have severe allergies and a chronic sinus infection. I don't act like it's over when those are acting up. Even the most adamant anti-mask, anti-vaccine person will look at me sideways if I start sneezing or coughing in public.

With the exception of family get-togethers and going out to eat with my family, I had no problem following the "rules" as they pretty much coincided with what I was doing anyway: avoid crowds, go very few places, and don't stay long.

I am thrilled that my family's favorite place to eat out reduced the number of tables in their dining room and upgraded their HVAC system.