Thursday, March 31, 2022

Joke Telling

Grim's comment under "Talking Dog" put me in a nostalgic place* and reminded me of my father's advice that to remember a joke it was important to tell it again immediately. He was the best joke teller that I knew, and I used to go down to his grave site on Father's Day every year and tell him a few. I worried it might look alarming to those living near the cemetery and someone might come and inquire or even call the police. My youngest brother assured me that they were friends of his and once they (or the police) knew the story Al Wyman's son, telling him jokes?  Yeah, you're good.  What were the jokes? 

I mentioned this also to my next-younger brother, along with my shame that I wasn't telling them well, neither the ones I told back to him that he told me nor the new material I brought.  He grinned at me "Telling jokes requires working off an audience." 

I nodded. "Yeah, Al wasn't giving me a lot back."

*This is not true. I am rather permanently in a nostalgic place now. You'd think I had an actual good childhood or something.

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