Monday, March 21, 2022

Clarence Thomas

A headline on a news site tells me he has been admitted to a hospital.  The conservative press is probably already reporting on liberals who cannot contain their desire for him to die, however they try to clean it up.

Where should I go first? No, where should the only site I go to this morning about this be? Not that the others would be necessarily bad at the story, but that I only want to go through this once. Hmm, no one on my sidebar has it up yet...

I'm down to two, both with lawyers at least in the mix. No, I won't tell you where, because in a couple of hours it won't matter because I won't be able to escape it. I just wanted y'all to listen in on my thought processes here.


Christopher B said...

By now that's dog-bites-man.

Was up at Instapundit at 8pm last night. 155 comments as of 10am ET this morning, by my rough count a third are get well wishes, maybe a quarter say anything about liberal reactions, the rest are a grab bag of comments on Thomas, confirmations including the one pending, etc.

Althouse appears to be going for clicks .. she went right for the WaPo comments on the story.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

She likes to go for the comments in WaPo and NYT - and often highlights what is the highest-rated comment as an example of what those audiences are thinking. Which would be only sorta true, because there is going to be a selection bias on who comments, and who votes on comments.

We don't see how both of those remain local papers for a lot of people, many of whom don't care much about politics other than local. That would still be more liberal than the national average, but not anywhere near as liberal as their national audiences are, who are also very likely to comment and vote on comments, in hopes of influencing the national discussion.

Grim said...

I don’t know about sites, but private conversations I’ve had with left-leaning friends have featured them both wishing openly for his death and calling him obscene names. Not racist ones, except for “Uncle Tom,” which for some reason white progressives feel comfortable saying when they’d normally avoid similar language.