Monday, January 24, 2022

Jen's Choice for Herself

I brought the new daughter-in-law in on this nostalgia tour.  I don't have any nostalgic music about her for myself, as we have only known her two years, but she couldn't choose between two for herself, so they will both make it in time. She gets two anyway.

As soon as Jen picked the Cranberries, I nodded.  I should have guessed she was a Cranberries gal when younger.

So now I've been humming Cranberries songs all day.

The longest-running DIL has passed entirely, and I don't have specific music that evokes her as a young person for me. Odd, as she was Jonathan's childhood sweetheart and we have known her since...1996?  You would think there was something. Numbering the sons is easy, because it is both their age and when they came to us that is reflected. With the daughters-in-law, I think there is no sensible way to numbering them, so I can't use that method. Oldest?  Same # as the son she is married to? When she joined the family? These don't match up. No numbers, then.

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