Sunday, January 09, 2022

Applying IQ to IQ

Razib gets the summary correct, what IQ is and isn't. I am tickled that came to the same analogy - basketball - as I did. More importantly, he outlines what abandoning it as a criterion for admission to universities will necessarily mean. Removing a neutral hard-to-fake test will mean the the Letter of Introduction will reappear, favoring the well-connected and already powerful families more. Your straight A's at East Overshoe High School aren't going to matter much, nor is a letter from your favorite History teacher there, no matter how much she rhapsodises about you. Eliminating privilege is going to quickly intensify it instead. This will be even more true among minority students, as the places set aside for their group will go to the well-connected within that group.

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Galen said...

Yes - privilege will make more of a comeback in college admissions, all in the name of eliminating "white privilege." Something like the Hegel's cunning of reason is at work here. (Please forgive the pretentious pseudo-intellectual name dropping, because when all is said and done, I'm not smart enough to understand Hegel and just smart enough not to try.)