Sunday, January 02, 2022

Hang Tight

Update:  I have put in five posts and now have five more, but at least have made progress on the one about Language Change. I have five posts (and growing!) backed up in draft on a variety of topics, but family is still visiting and that takes up my time at present. We played the game Chronology last night, which has apparently been around for 20 years, though we had not heard of it.  Recommended. The 10-year-old, who showed a surprising memory for exact years that things occured, such as "Steamboat Willie," actually won one of the two rounds.

Also cooking and driving about, in a schedule delayed until the Houston crew got here and could join us for opening and Christmas dinner. It should slow down Tuesday.


james said...

I would get stomped in that game. I have trouble with names, and dates are a species of name. If there's a logic to the sequence, I'm OK (pneumatic tubes came before electric connections), but when my daughter asks if I remember the tree with the jagged leaves from the visit to Olbrich Gardens in 2002, I'm stumped.

Donna B. said...

Chronology sounds interesting and I'm also wondering why I haven't heard of it before.

Philip Neal said...

I have not heard of this game, but I like the idea. As a veteran of British pub quizzes, I suggest a variant of the formula: name a year in which famous individual X was alive. If you don't know that Washington was alive in 1776 and Napoleon in 1812 you don't make the cut, but Velasquez? King Eric Bloodaxe? Julian the Apostate? It can get competitive.