Friday, January 07, 2022

Borrowed Nostalgia

I have five sons - and also a wife.  I have posted a lot of my own wildly varied nostalgia over the years, but not theirs. So I am going to do a couple of songs for all six over the next month or so, depending on which of them will answer me back with an intelligent answer.  Come to think of it, I am going to include the daughters-in-law as well, bringing the number to nine.

Jonathan had some contact with popular music before 1994 - girls in his class singing "The Rose" at school concerts and the like.  But it really caught on that year. As we later agreed, Hootie owned 1994 and he was deeply in. I liked them too, so he could play it at high volume in the car if he liked.

There was a parody version of one of their songs we heard on the way to youth group one night, but I can't find it. You will have to imagine it yourself. 

We don't know, what the hell a Hootie is,

But if a Blowfish comes tomorrow - reel it in, aww, reel it in.

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