Thursday, January 20, 2022

Borrowed Nostalgia - Chris's Choice For Himself

I'm not sure Son #4, the one who was in the USMC, now lives in Norway, and goes back to Romania more than his brother quite knew what I meant by nostalgia. He nominated this Romanian video, but it was recorded ten years after he got to the US.  Though, he has programmed his car to listen to Romanian radio, so I suppose that is nostalgia in itself, so anything representative of that is legit.

He was quick to tell my wife that it doesn't have the amount of nudity and suggestiveness that most Romanian popular music videos do.

Personal note: For those who know Chris and are interested, his girlfriend Maria has three grown sons, one of whom, Lucas is currently in ICU in Tromso, Norway. He is Type I diabetic and had a stomach ailment of some sort in which he was unable to keep anything down for over two days straight, and his blood sugars went wildly off. It reached the level of danger just short of coma and organ failure and is only somewhat better now. Chris and Maria aren't getting much sleep at the moment. So you might pray for them as well as the boy, Lucas. My habit has become to pray immediately for something when it is requested - so at least it happens once, even if it goes out of your mind after that, but I also find I am more likely to continue if I have prayed even once.

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