Saturday, January 01, 2022

Brief Wall Street Journal Media Summary

The WSJ ran one of those what-have-we-learned articles that news outlets are fond of the last week of every year. The Conformity Crackup of 2021. Even if you largely agree with its examples you might find things to quibble about, or disagree with one example entirely.  In fact, I encourage you to do that, because that is what discussion, thinking hard, and arriving at the truth is all about. We haven't seen enough quibbling this year, as opposed to stark rejection and dismissiveness. I won't give you mine.


engineerlite said...

I appreciate your move towards civility by encouraging quibbling instead of rejection and dismissal.

Aggie said...

My motto on the news has always been:
“Believe nothing you hear, and only half of what you see” (Edgar Allen Poe, The System of Dr. Tarr and Prof. Fether).

Happy New Year and good tidings for 2022.