Monday, January 10, 2022

Borrowed Nostalgia III - Black Hole Sun

Eldest son gives as his nostalgia choice for himself another from 1994, by Soundgarden.  I don't recall it myself.


Grim said...

I remember this one. I always found the prayer for annihilation and the portrayal of middle class life as secretly twisted and evil to be banal even by the 1990s. What I always did want to know, though, is whether the girl at ~1:36 is actually Cia Berg, who was also the lead singer of the Swedish band Whale in the same era. Now they produced some good stuff, if you like the grunge sound of the time.

Douglas2 said...

Have to admit that I'm much more familiar with the Paul Anka and Postmodern Jukebox covers of 'Black Hole Sun'.