Sunday, January 16, 2011

Pregame Thoughts

In the game New England lost to the Jets early on, Tom Brady threw two picks and lost a fumble. He also threw 8 out of 10 incompletions in the direction of Randy Moss, and the Patriots could not get any running game going. The latter of those is impossible, and the former unlikely. So that's a plus.

OTOH, while the Jets' running game has gone steadily downhill, it remained reasonably good against the Patriots late in the year. I comfort myself with the idea that from very early on, the Jets had to come from behind, so the Patriots played against the pass and were likely to give up running yardage, because it wasn't as important.

OTOOH, turnovers and special teams play can change any game quickly.

There were discussions this week on local radio how much we would hate Tom Brady and Bill Belichek if they were with another team. I think that's true. It's not only the mere otherness of other teams, and the envy - both very considerable factors - but personal characteristics. Rooting for people just because they are on your side goes a ways to explaining the irrational elements of politics.

First play to Danny Woodhead. I should have seen that coming. Oh yeah.

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