Thursday, January 27, 2011


A libertarian friend told me about an incident in Monopoly the night before. He had drawn one of those cards that told him to pay some fee for every house – water main construction or something. The other players all assumed this meant he had to pay an assessment, not only on all his buildings, but on every house on the board. He was dumbfounded, as am I.

Has a socialist mentality penetrated that far into our culture even in Monopoly, of all places?


Anna said...

Well Monopoly was invented in the 1930s - a more socialist era than even our own. Maybe not in practice so much as in people's mentalities, it was the "new way". Nowadays at least we have a few bad examples to not follow.

Ben Wyman said...

I see no political commentary. That's just bad gamesmanship run amok. I'd hate to play "Risk" with those guys. ("So, you conquered Egypt, so I get two extra armies next time, right?)

Texan99 said...

Sounds like this guy got a cheap lesson in which people he should start disengaging from before latch onto something more important than a few hours of his attention.