Monday, January 17, 2011

10-4 Lists

Ben hadn't posted for awhile, but now has his lists up.

Best Albums. At least I had heard of 4 of the 10 bands.* The reviews were originally tweeted, so are less than 140 characters each. The limitation does impose a certain discipline of getting a lot said quickly and vividly.

Likely Oscar Nominations. Ben's predictions are good by any normal-person standard every year, which doesn't stop him from kicking himself when the results are announced. That boy doesn't want to be merely good, but newsworthy in his predictions.

NBA All-Stars. He seeks comments, but who does he think is going to wade in and disagree with him? I'll find something.

*I don't listen to music much anymore, preferring silence, sports talk, or educational listening, in that order. I would probably be happier if I listened to more music and books on tape.


Gringo said...

Hadn't heard of any of the musical groups.

Paul_In_Houston said...

I've discovered an electronic music duo named DAFT PUNK , because of their absolutely awesome score for Tron: Legacy and the soundtrack cd of same. They really make the movie work.

I'll be checking out other things they have done, but will go slowly on this because the first album I found ("Discovery") could best be described as "electronic disco".

Haven't lost faith yet, though, as their work on the soundtrack is light-years beyond that.

We'll see.