Saturday, January 08, 2011

Maps Of War

I have seen at least two of these linked over the last year, video time-span maps of world events. Don't we wish we had had Maps of War to learn World History in 9th Grade?

As I am listening to one of those college courses on CD on the culture of the crusades at present, I found this one more fully understandable than before.


Anna said...

The crusades are one of those things that are definitely NOT how we learned them in Publik Skool (for me anyway, not sure how your generation learned them). We were taught the big bad europeans were going around killing brown people of other religions just because.

Funny how 1000 years later, Muslims still use it as a guilt trip LOL.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

I don't recall what was said about the Crusades, but I think it was minimal, and fairly positive. I do recall thinking in college that some people were unnecessarily harsh about them.

You can put people on their heels in a pinch by suggesting that if the Seljuk Turks hadn't invaded the Byzantine Empire, the Western Europeans would probably not have gone Crusading. Or by saying that the First Crusade was more of an armed pilgrimage because previous pilgrims had been wiped out.

Anonymous said...

Of course the thing HAS to end with a statement about Israeli landgrabs "under armistice" while not ever mentioning the Jordanian, Syrian and Egyptian landgrabs of Israeli territory in 1948 which Israel just reversed during subsequent Arab invasions (NOT armistice).