Thursday, January 20, 2011


Or perhaps it should be locabibber. Or locaquaff.

I am not a solid locavore. I don't approve of government subsidies to local industries to artificially preserve a "way of life" that likely has a short history anyway. But given a choice, I like to give the local guy the nod. If there are similar breads and one is from NH and one from PA, I'm buying NH. I buy potatoes from Maine, seldom from Idaho. It's the informal socialism of caring for one's own, even if it costs a little more or isn't as good.

This is especially true with beer, enough so that I think it needs its own word. I'm leaning toward Tracy's locabiber, but I'm going to wait and see how it sounds over time. It came up because she was the one at Sully's and I asked that she pick up beer. I asked for local. First choice, NH, second choice Maine, third choice, Vermont. I'm drinking this nice Smuttynose winter ale out of Portsmouth, and liking it very much.

Smuttynose has nothing to do with naked women, BTW, but the hint of it is marketing wisdom.