Friday, January 28, 2011

Post 2800 - Running Up The Score - Outline

Racing against the clock here - may get back to this tonight.

The discussion of running up the score has led to broader issues, as these things often do. As my scratched notes in meetings suggest that this could go on at chapter length, I wanted to get some thoughts in early, just to prime your thinking along certain lines. What cultures have had sports, historically, and what function have they served? Breca, Wu and Yue, the Greek Olympics, and Roman Circuses will come in here. When do team competitions come into the picture? Peacocks, Waterloo, Mayans, and Medieval tournaments will come in here?

What is it that sports are supposed to teach, and how has the church looked at this over the centuries? How is the American experience different? Puritans and De Tocqueville come into that. And we do get back to the question of running up the score, but hopefully in a larger framework.

You'd really like to sit next to me at meetings, BTW. They go faster.

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