Thursday, January 13, 2011

Dear Guenivere

This is Tracy's favorite. Lancelot, after returning from the quest, realises he must sever his relationship with Queen Guenivere. I really thought rhyming assiduity with promiscuity was the coolest thing imaginable at the time. In a show tune, maybe. Not in a folk song.

Kind of a Chad and Jeremy sound to it.

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It's over, dear Guenivere
Please don't carry on.
Sir Gant and Sir Bedivere
Would think your love wrong.
For your love's assiduity
Denotes promiscuity
To the men of Sir Mordred
And we cannot afford
To be be seen without Arthur, your Lord.

It's for this same reason that
I come here today.
I left in a season that
Turns all things it's way.
But I feel a bit older now,
The wind's blowing colder now,
And I'm trying to earn back
My everlasting life,
And cannot love my own best friend's wife.

We know it's a danger to
Be seen in this way.
I must be a stranger to
Your love from this day.
So our love is in idleness
As long as my title is
The Right Hand of Arthur.
We can't corrupt the throne
While this lad wants the crown for his own.

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