Saturday, January 29, 2011

Gummy Brain

I am not well able to think as clearly as I would like today, distracted by my annoyance at a relative, and not having an obviously right thing to do about it. This gumminess in thinking is merely the bottom of the trough (Gad, I hope it's the bottom) that has been the last two weeks: I haven't been visiting my usual sites - yes, all of you, I mean - and when I do I drop by it doesn't seem to stick in the mind well.

Even the next "Running Up The Score" post, which was turning into a grand theory of everything, doesn't hold my attention. I usually prefer the radio station I'm playing in my head to whatever else is out there, but not today.

Fortunately, Retriever has been overactive in her posts, and you can get humor, discussions on mental health research and public policy, further links, and photographs that remind us that yes, snow really is a beautiful thing. If you're from around here, you will reflexively tap your brakes lightly, just to check, when you see photo #4.

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Retriever said...

Thanks for the link and kind words, AVI.