Sunday, January 02, 2011

Chatter On The Town Commons

A lot of blogfriends haven't posted much recently. Son Ben at 10-4 Good Buddy seems to be using Facebook and Twitter exclusively these days, for example. Carl at No Oil For Pacifists has been traveling a lot these past months. (He's back.)

Retriever's photos at the kitchen exhibit at MOMA, plus commentary, which you can regard as reminiscence or Social History. Donna B has a comment that is a good post in itself. Even if kitchens aren't your thing.

Is anyone interested in this stuff besides me? I love prehistory, even when it's about whether Neanderthals ate vegetables or not. Maybe if the Neanderthal moms were as rugged. At I Don't Know, But...

Terri's kids see snow for the first time. Which is good for them, dammit. Bring 'em again next year.

I never even heard of the battle at Towton. Looks like 3% of the entire fighting age male population in England got killed in one day. Grim's Hall is good in general for discussion of Christians and war.

Sponge-headed Scienceman updates us on the liability claims against Jed Clampett's oil company.

Photon Courier lists his best posts of 2010. He is either more modest or has higher standards than I, who do best of's for a single month.

I finally cleaned up my blogroll, BTW, starting with adding Photon Courier. The link to retriever has changed, I deleted a no-longer-functioning blog, and ELC moved months ago. "We surround them, Pa" isn't actually the name of the site, but is in the URL, and I like it better.

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Retriever said...

Thanks for the link, AVI. I'm only just barely getting back on the internet after a lazy Christmas week at home in the den..