Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Heaven And Hell

In Heaven...
All the comedians are English,
All the mechanics are German,
All the cooks are French,
All the service is Swiss,
And all the lovers are Italian.

In Hell...
All the cooks are English,
All the comedians are German,
All the service is French,
All the lovers are Swiss,
And all the mechanics are Italian.

I have reason to disagree a bit with a couple of those, but I still like it.


Gringo said...

I like the one about German comedians. Some variations follow.

In Heaven
All the houses are American
All the wives are Japanese
All the policemen are English
All the engineers are German
All the waiters are Italian
All the cooks are French

In Hell

All the houses are Japanese
All the wives are American
All the policemen are German
All the engineers are Italian
All the waiters are French
All the cooks are English

From a Venezuelan working in Europe commenting on an anti-Chavez blog, The Devil’s Excrement.

“I recall a time when some Latin Americans friends were joking and talking about the perfect Latin American. (like the perfect European). They said something like:
“as humble as an Argentine, as feminist as a Mexican, as honest as a Colombian (well, well), as masculine as a Brazilian, as beautiful as an Ecuadorean, as well-spoken as a Chilean, as tall as a Bolivian and as well-educated as a Venezuelan.

Of course, no one ever makes jokes about Texans! That’s what the second amendment is for. :)

Texan99 said...

The version I've heard of this joke used policemen, too, with the English/German contrast. I think it works better than comedians. Are Brits particularly funny?