Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Song For a Confirmation

In the first hour of dawn    by the huge oaken door
A bright jewel of light      lies soft on the stone floor
of gray
Where the stained glass leaves it

Dressed in new armor    made bright by his father
And a new linen robe    made white by his mother
who took
Such care to weave it.

Night greets the day

From a full year of study     and a full night of prayer
The squire quickly walks     to the king who waits there
by the throne
And the dim light shares them

He can scarce draw a breath     eyes drop as if shamed
He kneels as a boy     but he gets a new name
as strong
As the love he bears him

Ch: Now the road is a hard one and the enemy devours
But the cost of the kingdom is your years more than your hours
For the ancient sword that's been carried from the tower
Makes you a knight    in the kingdom's sight

As the boy kneels before him     he sees the king's arm
From the sleeve to the wrist      runs a long jagged scar
still new 
And the boy's eyes widen

With a lift of the blade     his lord bids him rise
As he covers the wound    a face stern and wise
half smiles
And the burden lightens

Knight greets the day

This day to be sent           to a world cruel and wild
And the evil of men         we don't send a child
My wound goes with you

With a wild surge of joy   th'squire's hand grasps the sword
From a king strangely calm.  He salutes his fair Lord
and hears  
My peace I give you.

Ch: Now the sword is a sure one    And a strong one come what may
And the joy of the kingdom   is in life along the way
For the ancient sword which touches you this day
Makes you a knight    in the kingdom's sight


Grim said...

Nice piece.

james said...

Yes indeed

Assistant Village Idiot said...

Thank you. It was in a G tuning, with the verses fingerpicked and the choruses strummed.

james said...

I wish I could compose. Youngest Daughter is trying to do so; maybe I should learn from her.