Monday, March 02, 2020

Bernie and the Houses

I don't greatly begrudge him the houses, nor think this is an especially egregious hypocrisy - not by Washington standards, anyway.  He and his wife have worked at high-paying jobs and he has worked at his a decade after most of his age-mates retired.  You can look askance at the honorableness of working as a Senator, or her work in college administration, but they aren't (necessarily) criminal.  He isn't known for making sweetheart deals. His wife had a golden-parachute deal from her final job.  Not especially socialist, I agree.  It is good capitalist behavior in a very liberal industry. But not shady. He bought a $400K house, and the cost of a nice apartment in DC is astronomical.  I think I read it was $750K.  Then they bought a lake house with her golden parachute.

A million dollars isn't what it used to be.  It's still darn comfortable, but it's not in the neighborhood of the other rich folks in the race. It's worth noting and mentioning, but not exaggerating.

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Aggie said...

I read somewhere, something to the effect of: Bernie has made a tidy little sum selling books that are bought by people who want to read about how everything is going to be free. I think that says it all about Bernie - and most of what there is to be said about Socialism, too.