Friday, March 27, 2020

New Deaths

Today's US news is good.  Few new deaths.  Let's hope the numbers stay down.

Yup.  Looks like a blip.  About 250 new ones just today. 

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RichardJohnson said...

My suggestion is to hold your horses, for 2 reasons. 1)If you look at the graph of New Deaths, you will observe similar slowdowns, such as March 19-21. 2)Today's report of New Deaths may change over 24 hours. See the March 27 value for the New Deaths graph tomorrow- it may not be 89.

I have been graphing both Day/Previous Day and Sum Most Recent 3 Days(Day 1-3)/Days 2-4, where Day 1 is most recent day. ( For example sum of March 24-26/Sum of March 23-25.
This data MAY indicate a lessening of the increase, but best to wait. I'll look at what it says on Monday.
3-day sum/ yesterday's 3-day sum
15-Mar 1.42
16-Mar 1.37
17-Mar 1.41
18-Mar 1.58
19-Mar 1.48
20-Mar 1.21
21-Mar 1.03
22-Mar 1.39
23-Mar 1.43
24-Mar 1.59
25-Mar 1.27
26-Mar 1.21