Saturday, March 21, 2020

Dropkick Murphys

They did a free livestream virtual concert for St Paddy's Day, because large gatherings were prohibited.  The event was sponsored by a Cambridge tech firm, and the concert was done in the Events Unlimited studio here in NH. Tim Messina of Events Unlimited is a pal - my sons introduced him to his wife, who we have known since she was born.  This was welcome work for him, as "large gatherings" is essentially what he does. 90% of the work in the whole industry has gone down overnight. Conventions, Concerts, Festivals, Churches - all down.

The concert starts at about 13:00 - though the effects leading in are fun.  Some of you know the songs.  "Black Velvet Band" is centuries old.  I knew it as the B side to the Irish Rovers "The Unicorn," which I never owned but must have seen somewhere.  Looking it up, the version by The Dubliners is more famous.  Until now.

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