Sunday, March 08, 2020

Links Brought Forward

Look at how the card was filled out in 1986. I could forgive doing this because it seemed cool.  This was for advantage. February 2019

Speaking of Native Americans, Dances with Myths.  They were not especially conscious of caring for the lands, skies, and waters, nor did they have an overarching environmentalist ethos.  They had families to feed, and did what everyone else in the world did - exploited their environment in order to do just that.  When resources were abundant, they used them carelessly.  When they were scarce, they conserved them. Just like you 'n me. 1997

An important distinction about political correctness from Britain's Institute for Economic Affairs. It is not a new idea to most here, but it is clearly stated and thus worth reviewing. 2014

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The Mad Soprano said...

That "Dances with Myths" essay is gorgeous. Having studied some Native American history, I get irritated by these idealized depictions of them. Some of these tribes were pretty nasty, the Aztecs being the Poster Child of the Savage Tribe.