Thursday, September 25, 2008

Discussion Available

For those who like discussions of Christian morality that have a concrete example as their starting point, frequent commenter terri has one over at Wheat Among Tares. This one is about how public we should make someone's deception.
Eventually, it was discovered that not only had this woman's child not passed away, but she didn't have one....and probably had never had breast cancer.

It was all a false identity......shocking but true.


terri said...

Definitely interested in your view, as a mental health professional.

bellisaurius said...

Sounds like she made a good call. Trying to protect someone who might be mentally ill is one thing, but if it involves a fraud that will bring the person material gain, it shouldn't stand.

The thing I don't understand is why the thread or whatnot wasn't deleted? People who wanted to know would have been brought into the PM loop, but it could have stopped there. If the person who was doing had an issue, then a real conversation could have been brought around.

terri said...


The forum is about as close to being completely unmoderated as you can get.

The "false" person never directly asked for no crime was committed.

The reason the pm thing and personal conversation thing didn't work was because this person continued to post....about pickig out caskets for her son and ex...about how heartbroken she was. etc.

She wasn't deterred by people's suspicions, and because it wasn't public, there were still people responding to her.

It was horrible.