Monday, September 15, 2008

Benjamin Update From Houston

We are in occasional contact with Ben. He is cautious about his cell phone running down. He has enough food and water through tomorrow, and there are HEB stores open nearby, though they are picked pretty clean. He ran out of allergy medicine but now has a new bottle. He is still without power and has only one candle left, so he mostly sleeps after sundown, but it is hot without AC in Houston. He is learning in a painful way why that area was pretty empty until AC became common.

He is right on the edge of where Centerpoint Energy leaves off and Entergy picks up, and he doesn't know which one serves his area. I am guessing from the map that it is Centerpoint, and that would be good, because they are less damaged and getting people back online faster.

He is worried about finding fuel for his car. He still has half a tank, and the vehicle was not touched by flooding, but he keeps hearing how quickly places are running out after a delivery comes.

The church is suggesting that he pick up a charged video camera and film relief efforts, particularly where their congregation is helping. Great idea if you've got gas for the car; otherwise, not so much.


Anonymous said...

"He is learning in a painful way why that area was pretty empty until AC became common."

Most of the South was "empty" before AC. It has pretty much made the Southern states livable.

It's amazing to watch the pictures of destruction in TX. Two summers ago I did a consulting project in Galveston at the University of Texas Medical Branch complex and stayed at a restored hotel in the historic downtown area. Nothing looks the same now. I can't imagine being on the ground living through this.

terri said...

glad to hear he's ok