Thursday, September 25, 2008

Troy Brown Retires

You can get today's news here. Twenty months ago, I wrote the following about Mr. Troy Brown.
Troy Brown's numbers will not get him into Canton, OH. He is the leading receiver in Patriot history, but well down the league all-time list. He had a few years of stardom, but not a career full.

But in the Patriot Hall of Fame, or perhaps the New England Sports Hall of Fame, there should be a separate, small room, like a side chapel off a great cathedral, where it is quiet and the lighting subdued. There, fathers will solemnly bring their sons - and perhaps daughters - and softly say "Troy Brown was one of the great players of the game. Whatever sport you play, if you could play with the same attitude as Troy Brown, I would be very proud." It will seem puzzling to those who come after, I expect. They will see that Brown was versatile, smart, and consistent, but not get the full impact.

It's true, though.

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Chris said...

I agree, and I'm not a Patriots fan. Anyone who learns a new position because the team needs them is OK in my book. Some people just understand what it means to be part of an organization that's not dedicated to them.