Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Sometime commenter bsking is getting married this Saturday, in an apple orchard, no less. She is the daughter of sometime commenter michael, the second time this summer we have had that father-daughter commenter combo on this blog. I don’t know what name she will be taking/keeping. “King” hyphenates rather humorously with anything, and I don’t know if she finds that appalling or appealing. She’s the sort of girl who could go either way on humor. Girl. She’s 27 now. Sorry.

I once worked with a woman named Lucy Lord-Lippincott, and as she was a bit imperious I always thought of her as Lucy, Lord Lippincott. Unfair to the poor woman, I know, as she wasn’t really a bad sort.

At any rate, congratulations to Bethany.


Anonymous said...

The weather looks good and we look forward to seeing you and the AVI's wife there!

bs king said...

There were two options with the last name....since I am in fact hyphenating. The first was the imperial King-McGoldrick, which I think is the front runner. The second would be to make it one word "McGoldricking" and then come up with a fun definition for that word. That, however seemed to set up a lifetime of people who didn't get it. Ah well. The first one it is.