Saturday, September 27, 2008

Senator Dodd Back In The Saddle

Jim Lindgren at Volokh has read the bailout bill provisions, and notices that Chris Dodd is inserting a loophole, potentially redirecting tens or even hundreds of billions of dollars away from the taxpayers. On this 700 billion, whatever can be sold after it is stabilised the taxpayers are supposed to get back. But Dodd apparently can't let a pile of money float near him without wanting to change its course.

I weep for my country. This is Boss Tweed come back to life. They never quit. They never sleep. They are always campaigning and always scheming to reward those who vote for them.

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Anonymous said...

You realize, do you not, that Chris Dodd's father, the late Senator Tom Dodd, was censured for misappropriation of campaign funds.

I also find it interesting that a sleaze such as Chris Dodd was also a supporter of the Sandinistas back in the day.