Saturday, September 27, 2008

Campaign Staff, VPs, and Olbermann vs. Damon

McCain wins on campaign staff interviews, based on interviews with Greta Van Susteren. McCain's chatted about the travel and how hectic things are, with a few mentions of how McCain was working for taxpayers. Obama's stuck with press release bullet points by continually answering friendly personal questions with "message" answers. Good idea in theory, but is actually quite annoying to watch.

Obama wins on VP interviews, since Palin was nowhere. They need to let that girl free. But on the topic of Biden, has he had a facelift or something? He looked scary tonight.

Keith Olbermann vs. Johnny Damon- who makes me angrier just looking at him? It's a toss-up.

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Ben Wyman said...

If Olbermann only did game day football coverage, plus maybe some pop culture shtick and minor political opinionating, he'd be one of my favorite hosts. He's a foot smarter than anyone else behind a sports desk, and not anywhere near as smart as he actually thinks he is.