Friday, September 26, 2008

Wrapping Up

So here's my breakdown

McCain did what he had to do: didn't get mad, focused on the questions asked, showed he not only understands foreign policy but cares about the economy as well, and didn't make his base cringe too much.

Obama did what he had to do: didn't stumble like he often does when he doesn't have a teleprompter, mentioned specifics (even if I thought his spin was inaccurate or dishonest), and showed he was an intelligent guy who had opinions on foreign policy.

So who wins? Well, I think that since Obama didn't blow it, the debate will be awarded to him. Whether that's fair or not is irrelevant. If someone didn't watch the debate, they'll hear that Obama won hands down. Does that help Obama long-term? Probably not, unless McCain flubs something soon and things snowball out of hand. Democrats are going to vote for Obama, Republicans will vote McCain, Undecideds are obviously not paying attention.


Larry Sheldon said...

Ace has got a McCain ad up already.

Anonymous said...

I think Tim Lehrer won. He's the one that stuck to the questions, though McCain answered more than Obama.