Thursday, September 25, 2008

Catholic Vote

For an evangelical, I have always leaned quite Roman Catholic in my theology, and have toyed with converting more than once. Though this video is not aimed at all at evangelising anyone who is not already Catholic, it captures for me what I think are the strengths of that church. Some (issues)...are more important than others.



terri said...

very interesting...though the music is a little over the top drama-wise.

It is surprising to see this video from the Catholic side of things. I don't usually see them as being very vocal during elections....which is not to say they don't care...but simply that I usually see these types of videos from places like Focus on the Family.

Side note....would you ever be interested in posting why you've thought about converting to Roamn Catholicism?

Lately I've been thinking that I might be a Lutheran and just hadn't realized it until recently.

Anyway...I'm always interested to see/read how people form their theological leanings..I find it fascinating.

I'm weird.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

Good idea.

Donna B. said...

I was drawn to Catholicism enough to convert in my 20s. I've since lapsed, but I still find the theology more attractive than others.

The music is dramatic, probably overly so, but well-used and the video moistened my eyes considerably.

Anonymous said...

The video was powerful. I am not a churchgoer and one would have to go hundreds of years back in Europe to find any Catholics in my family tree.

I once attended a midnight Christmas Eve mass with friends in Central America. The ceremony of the mass moved me emotionally, much as the video did, and I suspect it could have done so even if I didn’t know Spanish.

While the Church moves slowly and deliberately, not wishing to take false steps, it is not as if the Church hasn’t learned anything in 2000 years. The Church has definitely learned how to put on a mass. If only for the mass, I can see why people become and remain Catholic, if most masses are like the Christmas Eve mass I attended.

BTW, I did not find the music over-the-top at all. It reminded me of Handel's Sarabande.It had an emotional effect, which is fine by me.

Kazi said...

Thanks for the link, as an evangelical in the process of converting to Catholicism I can say it's the fullness of Christian life and thought that has impressed me the most about the Roman Catholic Church.