Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Governor Lingle...

...just finished. I thought she was stiff at first, even wooden. Following Gov. Huckabee, who has a comfortable, humorous style, she limped. People wanted to cheer, but they weren't quite sure where she was going. Linda Lingle covered a lot of the early biography of Governor Palin, and frankly, it just seemed like a laundry list.

Boy did that change when she hit the part about Palin's supposed lack of experience. Lingle had been a mayor before being governor of Hawaii, and you could tell she took it personally. She really hit her stride, telling how that's real experience. Governor Lingle was so convincing that she made you wonder whether we should be nominating McCain at all, since he's never been a mayor.

Lingle's line about Lyndon Johnson was a beauty.

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Ben Wyman said...

Did you see Palin's speech yesterday? Watch it on YouTube if you haven't.

I love her. I'm so excited she got the call. She arrived last night.