Friday, September 26, 2008

9:30 Live Blog from Ole Miss

Actually, I'm on the couch. But I am watching the debate on TV. So I'm there in the same sense that Biden was forced down in Afghanistan by Al Qaeda.

A couple of thoughts:
1. Obama has got to watch how he talks to McCain. He waves his hand towards him and calls him "John" when McCain's calling him "Senator Obama." It sounds dismissive.
2. Obama's doing a good job of doing bullet lists of what he would fix. That's good because it makes it sounds like he has a plan for everything.
3. McCain hasn't gotten mad yet, which is good for him. If Obama goads him into saying something stupid, he loses the debate.
4. Interrupting is really bad- it makes you look like you don't respect your opponent.
5. McCain is doing a fairly good job of getting into particulars. I was worried that he would stay too high-level and not sound like he knew what was going on.

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