Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Schoolhouse Rock

Jeanne Shaheen’s campaign ad this morning accused John Sununu of voting with George Bush 90% of the time. There is some vague sense in which that’s understandable, as a president’s general position on matters is pretty well known to the Senators. But “general position” isn’t the same thing as “voted for,” especially when it comes to byzantine legislation. Mostly, I’d like Shaheen to rewatch How A Bill Becomes Law. Before she becomes a senator. Though that sort of ignorance would make her a good companion for Senator Claire McCaskill.

Update: I got an email telling me I had heard wrong, that the ad only said "followed" George Bush. I think that's a different ad, but I'll listen carefully over the next week (rather than just shutting the radio off, as I do even for the ads of the people I support at this point). If I'm wrong I'll pull the post.

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Anonymous said...

Since when do the facts matter in political rhetoric and political advertising? With a Democratic president, one could envision Shaheen voting with him 100% of the time. Somehow, there would be absolutely nothing wrong with that.