Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Thank You, Barack

Researching the prior professions of the US Senators, I decided a lot of those guys look alike. And not a good alike. We should be grateful for Barack Obama being in the Senate, because he actually does look different. That’s not a reason to elect him president – our presidents have already been somewhat varied in appearance. In fact, it might be a good reason to keep him in the Senate. But thank you, Barack, really. When you look at all those other senators in succession, it gets a little spooky.

There is more variety among the female Senators, but even they, er, can look something like a realtor’s billboard.

Predictably, most Senators are lawyers. 34 out of 51 Democrats (including Sanders and Lieberman) have law degrees, a percentage that is sure to make conservative Republicans jump out of their seats with the veins in their necks sticking out, shouting “See? I told you so!” Not so fast. The Republicans have 27 lawyers out of 49 – more than half. I think having some lawyers in the US Senate is a good thing. I don’t think 60% is so good.

It gets worse. There are people in both parties who essentially started running for political office as soon as they finished school, and a few others whose only other career has been in government.

For scientific training, the pickings are slim. The Republicans offer two doctors, two vets, and an engineer. The Democrats don’t have anyone with specific training. Maria Cantwell did start a high-tech business, and that should count for something. And there are certainly specialties of law which require familiarity with science concepts.

Businesspersons refers to large or small businesses, entrepreneurial or established.

The list of what Democrats did before going into politics:
34 Lawyers
5 Businesspersons
2 Social Workers
2 teachers
2 other educators
2 govt.
3 politicians
1 non-profit director

And the Republican list:
27 lawyers
9 Businesspersons
2 physicians
2 veterinarians
3 politician
2 govt
1 engineer
1 farmer
1 Athlete
1 Military


Anonymous said...

There are fifteen Presidents who had served in the US Senate. I went to Wikipedia to find out additional experience of these 15. Of the 15, there is only one President whose work experience includes none of the following: military, US Vice President, US Cabinet, Governor. That would be Warren Harding, often considered our worst President. That work experience also describes Senator Obama. BTW, if you include US House of Representatives in the metric, “none of the above” still arrives at only Harding- and Obama.

Apparently your software cannot handle an embedded link with so many “/” . Thus I have it out in the open.

Count Grecula said...

If the present Congress errs in too much talking, how can it be otherwise in a body to which the people send one hundred and fifty lawyers, whose trade it is to question everything, yield nothing, and talk by the hour?

Thomas Jefferson