Saturday, September 13, 2008

This Seems Odd

Like many on the right, I am not so much a fan of Sarah Palin (she seems okay but not magic) as an amazed commenter on what her critics are saying. Today's example: I have read three exposes this weekend that have included the accusation that she calls, texts, and consults with her husband who is not a state employee about sensitive government issues. Gasp.

Does the name Hillary Clinton ring a bell?


bs king said...

The sexism in that is just creepy. What, a man can unload on his wife about government stuff because it's just unloading, but a woman talking to a man...well clearly he's going to have opinions! And influence!

I don't know, maybe I'm being sensitive, but I find that an insulting double standard.

Larry Sheldon said...
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Larry Sheldon said...

Do you know that there are several people who believe that Eleanor Roosevelt actually governed the USA for a while?

Do you know that there is evidence that Bess counseled Harry?

That my wife and I consult frequently on her work, or mine?