Monday, June 15, 2020

That Was Fun

I got one of those online questionnaires from my bank asking how well they did.  As usual, it went straight to asking how the teller, the last person in the chain, did. I gave her a 10 and didn't answer anything else. There was a comment section asking "How can we do better?" in which I put
That's easy! Stop focusing your requests for comments on how well your representative did and be willing to look at your processes instead. I know it's easier to kick your little guys rather than the exalted personages who decide what they should do, but the person who interacts with the public is seldom the problem. "Were you welcomed and greeted." Give me a break. This isn't Chik-Fil-A
Completely useless and it won't do any good, but it was fun to write.


Retriever said...

You could have also added "try behaving more ethically, stop red-lining, don't let your people sell fraudulent products, don't make like W**** F**** and sign people up for accounts they never asked for, give customers honest investing advice, don't take Federal money then still deny loans to struggling locals after a disaster, or small businesses...." and on and on...

David Foster said...

Totally agree. There is micromanagement of the people doing the work, together with a lack of effective process thinking on how the work gets it is handed off from person to person, for example.

The micromanagement of people's speech in many retail establishments is so extreme that it puts them in the Uncanny Valley.

Jonathan said...

I don't know if banks even pay attention to survey results. Perhaps the purpose of surveys is to create an impression that banks care about what their customers think.

My bank's website used to be adequate but has gotten worse with time. They keep adding new scripts and windows to the UI. The new gadgets complicate everything and slow it down. There are several obvious major improvements they could make but never do. One of the people at my branch told me that the bank inherited its website front and back ends from a failed bank that they acquired in 2009, and that it's too risky to make major functionality changes so they never do.