Saturday, June 06, 2020

Peter Thiel

David Foster over at Chicago Boyz linked to this article from City Journal about Peter Thiel. Thiel's name has been bandied about as a Trump SCOTUS nominee - surely quite different in credential from the usual offering of experienced appellate judges. He is a Silicon Valley startup godfather.

I'm going to have to read up on Rene Girard whether I think this is Christian or not, but I will grant it a hearing, at any rate.


james said...

I'd have to think more about his mimetic notions, but I'm pretty sure they're incomplete--at least as stated in Wikipedia. I picked suicide as a crime that might not be so easily slotted into that framework, but I gather there is a kind of hack-y explanation of it.

Also, his understanding of Jesus seems to be truncated, but Wikipedia is not altogether trustworthy.

Anonymous said...

peter thiel is a sexual deviant libertarian who hired a kike, eric weinstein.


Christopher B said...

From the article it seems as if Girard probably goes past reasonable beliefs but his ideas are interesting to contemplate, especially in thinking about the last of the big 10.