Sunday, June 28, 2020

Reporting II

Such a takedown of the Atlantic's reporting should be devastating to its reputation.  But not these days, not anymore. To be devastating it would have to be widespread, and these things are just buried.


Korora said...

Porn is not the mane focus of Derpibooru, either. I should know.

FYI, like many users, I spoiler the "questionable" and "grimdark" tags and hide the "explicit" and "grotesque" tags altogether. That leaves most of the images. I also spoiler the politics tag because I don't want politics on my mind all the time, siripat sulat*. That is a less-than common tag.

* The tail end of a rant by the breezie Seabreeze in his native tongue, a rant that Fluttershy declined to translate.

Aggie said...

It's past time now to create a new name for the kind of journalism that is represented here by that Atlantic article. It's not fair to the discipline to call it journalism anymore. How about we call it "imaginism"? That would be more accurate, plus it's a new trendy-sounding word that sound kind of hip. Plus it could still qualify as a form of entertainment - for some, maybe.

Sam L. said...

I gave up on The ATLANTIC some years ago. Perhaps your time has come to toss them overboard. (Into the trash, not the water.)

james said...

May I suggest "novelism?" Or repurpose "imagineering?"