Saturday, June 06, 2020


Sometimes I give readers a heads-up on a topic, priming the pump by suggesting an idea just to have it rattling around in their heads before I tackle a subject that may have a good deal of introduction necessary, which is tedious for all of us.

So I will draw you attention, Watson, to the fact that the Tim Tebow Effect (many, many entries - choose one or two) is in play yet again. I would like to tell Chuck Klosterman how often I have used this observation of his, but he only seems reachable if you tweet back at him, which I have neither the ability nor inclination to do.

So the whole idea that we have to listen, even humbly listen, is coming up again, and I would like to give you something you can't get other places.


Christopher B said...

I can hear just fine. I might even kinda understand. I'm chosing not to respond. Make of that what you will.

Thos. said...

I had not thought of it in those terms, exactly; but every time I hear another 'official statement' from a university, a professional association, a corporation, or the like, I am reminded of Lewis's "On the Dangers of National Repentance", which I am fair certain I have seen you refer to once or twice.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

@ Thos - ooh, thanks for the reminder. that also fits.